• The Wellington Exempted Village Treasurer's Office is committed to fiscal transparency and demonstrating the District's fiscal responsibility.  Please take some time to review our website and explore how your tax dollars are used to benefit the students and the community.  

      • As a member of the 12-school district member Lake Erie Regional Council (LERC), WEVSD is able to offer employees a highly competitive benefits package in a cost-efficient manner.
      • In order to achieve cost savings, the WEVSD maintains membership in several cooperative purchasing programs to obtain goods and services at highly competitive prices.
      • Moody's Investor Rating: A1
      • WEVSD uses OhioCheckbook to allow taxpayers to follow how their money is spent.
      • In March of 2021, the Treasurer's Office took advantage of historically low interest rates and refinanced the bonds from the McCormick Middle School Construction.  This process lowered the total cost to the Wellington taxpayers by over $3,000,000 over the life of the bonds.  The schools did not benefit by one single penny. The result was a lower tax bill for all Wellington taxpayers.
      • The Wellington EVSD takes every opportunity to save money.  We pay several vendors on-line each month to take advantage of the additional 1 or 2% discount offered by those vendors.
      • Please review our Financial Results for the previous three years posted at the bottom of the Treasurer's Office page.  Additionally, you can find our utility costs for the previous eight years, and the capital projects and facility upgrades for fiscal 22 are posted on their own menu item within the Treasurer's website.  Under the Reports and Notices page you can find the monthly Board Financial Reports, Audit Reports from the Ohio State Auditor's office and our Five Year Forecasts back to FY21.  This information will be updated periodically for your review.