Grants and Scholarships

  • Students at Mock Trial

    The Wellington Schools actively seek grants, scholarships and awards to supplement funding provided through federal, state, and local support. Some of the awards making a difference in our schools include:

    • School Quality Improvement Grants totaling $900,000 to fund programs at McCormick Middle School and at Wellington High School.
    • Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grant in the amount of $275,000 to expand the AP College Board program.
    • 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant to support Boys and Girls Club after-school programming at Westwood and McCormick.
    • A total of $12,463 was raised across the school district during the annual Wellington Kiwanis Peterson Nut Sale. Proceeds from the sale benefit a scholarship fund for high school seniors.
    • The annual Duke Pride Carnival raises money to support our summer Well-help food vouchers program for families in need.

Did You Know?

  • WEVSD hosts an annual Kindergarten College Night in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Wellington for families to receive information on opening a College Advantage Account to begin saving for college. Through this program, $50 is donated to each family in attendance to make their first deposit in the account. The Wellington Schools Endowment also provides a matching gift each year based on investment returns.

    This event is made possible thanks to our partnerships with: