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    Pictured are Tina Gabler, Treasurer, Susan Doehr, Accounts Payable, and Tari Diedrick, Payroll Officer, proudly showcasing the Auditor of State Award for clean audits earned in FY17 and FY18.

REVENUE $13,726,222

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EXPENDITURES  $13,497,165  

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  • Wellington Exempted Village School District
    305 Union Street
    Wellington, Ohio 44090
    (440) 647-4695 
    (440) 647-7305 Fax

    Tina Gabler
    (440) 647-7979

    Tari Diedrick
    (440) 647-7977

    Susan Doehr
    Accounts Payable

    (440) 647-7978

    Office Hours:
    Monday-Friday, 6:30am to 4:00pm
    If you need an appointment after regular hours, please contact us.

    Treasurer's Office Pamphlet 

    Ohio Checkbook

Did You Know?

    • As a member of the 12-school district member Lake Erie Regional Council (LERC), WEVSD is able to offer employees a highly competitive benefits package in a cost-efficient manner
    • In order to achieve cost savings, the WEVSD maintains membership in several cooperative purchasing programs to obtain goods and services at highly competitive prices
    • Moody's Investor Rating: A1
    • WEVSD uses OhioCheckbook to allow taxpayers to follow how their money is spent